Review #428 - Aurora Rey - Winter's Harbor

By Barbara Sant

Hello there!

I finished this book a few days ago but just now I got the chance to write about it.
"Winter's Harbor" is the first published work of Aurora Ray on Bold Strokes Books, but I hope is not the only one.

Lia just broke up with her partner, after ten years together. She was cheated on, she is hurting and she really wanted to get away. So she moved to Provincetown, decided to spend six months there. She does not want a new lover or any kind of romantic relationship. She wants to work, so clear her head and to be alone.
Until she meets Alex, the owner of The Flour Pot Café. Alex is funny, outgoing and so sexy she gets a little crazy every time they are talking.
But Alex is known for living at the moment and maybe is not worth risking her heart. Or is she?

Like I said, I finished this a few days ago, but I did not know how I was going to write this review.
Yes, this book has a lot of mistakes, could have be better edited, but is despite it, you can see how talented the author is.
Her characters were solid, captivating. She wrote they to be normal people, with normal fear of life, of love.
I got connected to them when I was reading, you now?

The mistakes I got throughout the book could have be got by the editor or by a beta reader, but they don't compromise the feeling of the book. 
A good example is the time Lia spend there. I knew she was going to spend just six months there, but in a few moments I got the impression she was living at Provincetown for much longer than that.

I hope to get the chance to read another book by Aurora, because I could feel her passion when I was reading.
And you know when you get the feeling that someone is really good at something?
That was the feeling I got about Aurora Rey.
I now she will write amazing books, so I will keep a look on her works.


  1. Olá, desculpe em comentar aqui. Mas vc era a evve dallas do forum PORTAL DETONANDO, não é? Pelo que eu vi aqui no forum, vc era da equipe de ADM e talz. Então, queria perguntar para vc oq aconteceu com o forum e o acervo. Agora eu criei o mas msm assim gostaria de saber.
    Desde já agradeço a atenção ^^
    Se possível me contate pelo blog: ou pela fanpage, pq ñ conseguirei ler os emails.


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